Interactive content within everyone’s reach,

Weeras Author is a cloud-based authoring platform, designed to facilitate and expedite the process of digitising and publishing digital books. Start creating your interactive content, easier, faster and cost- effectively than ever before.

Re-imagine your content.

Design interactive activities to suit any educational style and learning needs. With the new activities editor, you can gamify your educational content to enhance student motivation, with activities such as: Memory Games, Puzzles, crosswords, drag-and-drop elements and much more.

Quick and easy design.

Start creating no matter where you are; your content will always be safe thanks to cloud storage technology. Upload new images, edit your texts or create new content from anywhere without the need for installation.

Cross-platform content.

Once created and published, your content can be shared with everyone. It is accessible from anywhere through any browser or by using the cross-platform application Weeras App. In addition, you will have access to your materials in a SCORM data package to integrate them into any educational platform.

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